Digital Transformation

Providing relevant information to consumers is important and necessary.
The new European regulations make it mandatory to display specific information on wine and sparkling wine labels.
In the wine, sparkling and spirits sector, the creativity, design and image of the labels is of great importance.
We propose to take advantage of new technologies to be able to provide the legally required information without affecting the design of the labels.

Who are we?

This project is formed by a group of companies specialized in the sector with more than 20 years of experience.
The profiles that make up this company range from ERP developers from
Traceability, Management and web applications for digital, corporate and
product through comprehensive wine consulting with more than 50 years of

Travel Companions

WHY nd-label?

Our platform is prepared to offer the best technological support to wine and spirits companies, providing consumers with the necessary information as well as the valuable content that companies want.

It is an easy tool for both companies and users. It allows you to generate, modify and update QR codes in a very comfortable and intuitive way.

nd-label is a secure platform and system.

The QR codes generated through our platform are safe and approved codes.

At nd-label we comply with the legal requirements of the EU and we make sure that all the codes generated as well as the content comply with all the requirements of the new regulations.


How to contract the nd-labelservice?

The process is very easy and simple. You only have to register through the following form, choose the plan that best suits your needs and you will obtain your passwords to access the customer area from which you can manage your products and information.

When will European legislation come into force?

The forecast is that it will enter into force at the end of 2023 and be fully implemented as of 2024.

For this reason, companies in the sector are already working on the best way to adapt to this new regulation and be able to offer solutions adapted to the needs that arise.

Why don’t I put it on my corporate website or e-commerce?

Putting the information that the regulations require for each product on the website itself can be a solution as long as the following points are taken into account

– The information required in this new European regulation must be in 24 languages. Most of the websites are not available in 24 languages ​​since working with the content and maintaining it in so many languages ​​implies a high cost for the company.

– You have to enter this information in each of the products in the 24 languages ​​manually on the website itself and generate a link that will be assigned to the QR code. In each update of the website, the link that will have been loaded in each QR printed on each label will change. It is necessary to ensure that the QR printed on the labels work in the long term. Otherwise, the labels would have to be reprinted with a new QR code, which means a great extra cost for the company.

How do nd-label electronic labels work?

The electronic labels are printed with a QR code generated and provided by nd-label for each product, with all the necessary legal information and the information that companies want to provide as value-added content. The consumer simply has to scan the QR code on the label and access the electronic file where the nutritional table and the content that we have wanted to add will be displayed in the way that each company considers best suited to their needs.

Why use nd-label?

Currently, no other company in the sector offers the possibility of taking advantage of this regulation, which will force us all to make changes. At nd-label we believe that it is an opportunity that we should take advantage of to communicate more directly with the consumer, find out their opinion and assessment, even take it to our web portals or e-commerce, to generate sales and retain consumers.

Likewise, nd-label is the simplest, most agile and safest way to comply with regulations and obtain the best results.

Through the import system, the management of the information that we want to contribute to the labels will be very comfortable and the generation of the QR code is extremely fast, easy and safe.



250 € / annual

  • 30 QR label (new creation)
  • Maintenance of previous years’ labels


600 € / annual

  • 120 QR label (new creation)
  • Maintenance of previous years’ labels


2.500 € / annual

  • As many QR labels as you wanta
  • Maintenance of as many QR labels as you want


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